three crucial stages of math in a child's life

Are you preparing your child to face it?

HERE's how 10on10Math can help...
keep your own pace creative math
10on10 is a creative math program that helps kids learn at their own pace and bridges the gaps in the current learning system.
fun, meaningful learning learning math and english
10on10 worksheets focus on building a strong foundation in math and also an enhanced vocabulary which are essential to lay the right foundation of education for your child.
realizing potential build a strong foundation
The curriculam combines the strengths of ICSE, NCERT, the state boards, NCTM and Singapore curriculum to give your child a solid foundation and help them realize their life goals.
unique learning styles developing critical skills
10on10 addresses each concept in multiple ways to cater to each child's learning style and also strenghten problem solving skills and stimulate critical thinking skills.
overall development skills left & right brain growth
A child's brain grows rapidly from birth to the age of 12. Our worksheets are designed to stimulate all the functions of both the left side and right side of the brain.
stimulate imagination make learning meaningful
10on10 worksheets use cartoons to make the learning fun and instill a love for learning. Our methodology stimulates the child's imagination and creativity..
blended learning

First of its kind, 10on10 has devised a unique and effective methodology to advance math skills in children using topics like art and sport.

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