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What is the 10on10Math! program?

10on10 program is a creative, subscription based home learning math program that reinforces your child’s math concepts and builds a strong math foundation. The program has been developed by math experts, child educators and specialists & world-class designers.
It nurtures creative and various important thinking skills in a child from a young age. The program helps parents to be involved in and understand the child’s learning and gives parents time to bond in a meaningful way with their kids.
What’s great is that children can work at their own convenience and pace at home. The Math kits are delivered to your doorstep monthly. We offer a 6 month and a 12-month program at present.

Why should I reinforce math concepts? My child goes to school...

A strong foundation in math guarantees success in a child’s future. Most parents think classroom schooling is enough to develop proficient math skills. But most schools teach math in a logical and repetitive manner that often leads to boredom, disinterest and fatigue.
The math journey is a long journey and requires conceptual understanding and practice. The 10on10 Math Program stimulates and develops a child’s thinking skills, provides a strong conceptual understanding and offers enough practice to ensure your child’s success. The program integrates imagination, discovery and various creative teaching methods using art puzzles and games to help the child fall in love with Math and enjoy it.

What is the difference between 10on10Math! method and other Mathematical products?

The 10on10Math! Program is an advanced and creative learning program. The program focuses on building a strong math foundation from a young age by developing and stimulating a child’s various thinking skills like abstract thinking skills, logical, visual and critical thinking skills and building a strong conceptual understanding.
Existing programmes either only focus on calculation and speed or a specific school curriculum with rote learning or a single method of learning and therefore end up developing only certain thinking skills and only a superficial understanding of concepts.
Learning and understanding math is a long term journey and requires a holistic approach. The 10on10 method uses a learn by doing principle combined with fun and creativity, multiple intelligence, and a multi approach concept to ensure the child learns how to think, ask questions, work independently, solve problems on their own and develop confidence and enjoy math.

How do I enroll my child for the math program?

You can enroll your child, at any time, through multiple options as listed below
  • Log on to our website, choose your program and make an online payment through credit card / debit card or Net banking.
  • You can call us at [+9180 4254 9600] and we will help you choose the program and mail you the details of the program and payment.
  • You can mail us with your contact details and our team will get in touch with you.

What are the payment options?

  • Online payment through credit card / debit card or Net banking.
  • Cheque / DD / Cash.

Note – Cash / Cheque / DD – pickup facility available only for Bangalore.
A/c No.:50200018735592
Branch :Old Madras Road
Address: No.7/3, Opp.RMZ Infinity, Next to Gopal Mall Old Madras Road, Bangalore 560014
Please do email/call us with details once deposits have been made

What ages does 10on10Math! program cater to?

The program caters to children from age 4 to 11 years. Which is from kindergarten to the 5th Grade.

What does the 10on10 Math program offer?

The 10on10Math! program consists of monthly kits with math workbooks, progression test kits, enrichment kits and engaging activities.
A 6 month program offers A 12 month program has
6 monthly workbooks 12 monthly workbooks
1 assessment on the 6th month 2 assessments every 6th month
2 enrichment kits 4 enrichment kits
2 activities 4 activities

Which curriculums does the 10on10Math! program follow?

The 10on10Math! program is structured according to some of the world’s best Math curriculums. To name some The Singapore Math Curriculum, NCTM -USA (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, California), The Dutch Mathematical Standards and India (NCERT).
Our curriculum and methodology combines the best teaching methods and resources to offer the best to the kids.
So irrespective of your child’s school curriculum the 10on10Math! program will help kids build and strengthen their math concepts and skills and prepare them for higher education, challenging entrance exams and for success in life.
To help ease the learning our curriculum starts in June as per the Indian academic school year.

Can the program be subscribed to at any time of the year?

Yes. For grades kindergarten to the 4th grade the program can be subscribed to at any time during the year. Although the program follows the Indian academic school year and starts in June, it covers 85 % concepts in alignment with the school curriculum and grade level. Concepts are revised every three months to ensure the child does not miss much.
In case your subscription cycle is completed, you can renew the program with immediate effect, from the month the subscription lapses, ensuring un-interrupted learning for your child.

What happens if my child enroll in the end of the month?

If he/she enroll before the 15th of the month, you will receive your math kit in the same month. If you have enrolled after the 15th of the month you could choose to start in the same month or the next month and the kit will be dispatched accordingly.

What happens if my child enroll in December, what happens to the earlier months? Will my child miss out?

Your child can enroll in any month. If he/she enrols in December you will receive kits from the month of Dec/Jan. Concepts are revised every 3 months to help the child remember and practice concepts that have been taught earlier. In case the child needs more practice or help please feel free to reach out to us for help.

Can I get all the 12 month’s math kits in a single lot?

No. The content and activities are continuously updated & designed based on new research.
A single lot of 12 month’s kits will mean old worksheets without the new current changes and activities incorporated.

How do children get upgraded to the next level?

The 10on10 Math Program follows a June – May annual cycle of delivery for every grade, and automatically upgrades the child to the next level with the commencement of the new academic year.

How do children get upgraded to the next level in between the program?

We offer a seamless delivery model month on month. So, if your child moves up a grade during your subscription, the 10on10 Math Program will also automatically upgrade the child to the new grade, adjusting for the new academic year.

Do you provide answers for the exercises every month, to ensure that my child is doing the worksheets correctly every month?

Yes. Answer sheets are provided from [Grade I to Grade V] along with the kit every month. We request parents to keep answer sheets away from the child and discourage them from using short cuts.

Does 10on10Math! provide assessments and reports?

Yes. Assessments are part of the 10on10Math! program. Our assessments or Progression tests are sent home every 6th month along with the monthly kit. The Progression test are to be completed by the child without help from parents and should be sent back to 10on10. Self-addressed envelopes are sent with the monthly kit for the same reason.
Reports are sent to the customers registered email after analysing the progression test.

Why does 10on10 conduct assessments?

Assessments provide us with critical information needed to plan and customize the 10on10Math! program.
To test the application of concepts learnt
To find out the child’s interests and learning patterns
To understand the child’s strengths and areas of difficulty

Can I change my address in between the program?

Yes. You can inform us about the change by email or call us and we will make the necessary changes and ensure your kits are delivered to your new address.

Whom do we contact if the kit is received torn or in poor conditions?

The customer service team can be reached to record your complaint on 080-42549600/01-07 or you can send a mail to In case of severe damage, a fresh kit will be dispatched.

Does 10on10 have a program in English, Grammar or Science?

10on10 currently has learning programs only for math and vocabulary. At present our vocabulary program getting upgraded and is not available.

What is Multiple Intelligence?

According to a Harvard university research on "Multiple Intelligence", a child uses multiple faculties to learn. The 10on10Math! Program has been created to help your child learn math using logical, visual and spatial thinking skills through a series of specially formulated worksheet exercises.

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