90,000+ children have experienced the
261+ towns use
to engage their children
760+ essential math concepts + fun ways to learn
6,500+ unique, creative worksheets that stimulate
our approach
analytical thinking and reasoning
logical, mathematical intelligence
abstract thinking skills
critical thinking skills
linear and sequential thinking
creative learning program
the 10on10 advantage
1 out-dated education system 10on10 ensures that the gaps in the current education are bridged and that children are excited about learning.
2 engage both halves of the brain 10on10 recognizes that math is the only subject that engages both the halves of the brain and we ensure that we engage all the functions of the brain through the design of our activities and worksheets.
3 THE 10on10 BELIEF SYSTEM 10on10 believes that all children can excel academically and we convey concepts in multiple ways to ensure that every child learns in a style and timeframe suitable to them.
4 nurturing various abilities The current education system is largely based on a child’s ability to rote, whereas competitive exams test the various abilities of each child. Through our innovative worksheets, we ensure that your child possesses all the abilities needed to succeed in the real world.
5 tap into the power of tactile activities In this increasing interconnected world, 10on10 believes that a little time offline is beneficial for young and impressionable minds. All our work sheets are printed and mailed at the beginning of each month and the children finish the activities either with the help of their parents or by themselves.
why 10on10 math
Our current educational system is unidimensional and the instruction style suits very few children while leaving the majority of the kids confused.
95% of the brain is formed in the first 12 years, and during this period the child needs to be stimulated in multiple areas for overall development.
Schools today evaluate children mainly on their ability to memorize with little or no emphasis on the real world application of the concepts learned.
We learn in one of many possible ways, the current learning system appeals to 2 or 3 intelligences alone and this does not reach all children.
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